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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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Monday, February 4, 2019

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Home and Away. MC Bravado Talks About His Favorite Sports Teams With The Downrock Records Arena.

It isn't rare for musicians to be fans of multiple sports teams, as they have to tour many countries and cities and connect with the fans in those places.  In MC Bravado's case, being someone with family from various places, having lived in various places has allowed him the luxury of maintaining certain allegiances, which he addresses in this interview, with The Downrock Records Arena.

The Arena: What are you expecting from your favourite teams?

MC Bravado: I’d rather us tank (Chicago Bulls), but I think we’ll actually shock the pundits and sneak into the playoffs this year. WCJ (Wendell Carter Jr.) has a shot at Rookie of the Year if he gets the playing time. Lauri (Markkanen) is a rare talent who will continue to grow when healthy, provided Hoiberg is adamant about his usage. Jabari, LaVine, Portis, and Dunn are all young and talented with shit to prove. I have no clue (aside from Kris Dunn) who the hell is going to defend, but I think we got this. 

 The Arena: Are you a fairweather fan when it comes to any of these teams or a ride or die?

MC Bravado: I’m ride or die; my allegiance hasn’t changed since I pledged it to each team 20+ years ago (Chicago Bulls, NY Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, UNC Basketball).

The Arena: I'm gonna forgive you for being a Cowboys fan.  Why are you a Cowboys fan?

MC Bravado: They were really good in the ‘90s. I constantly ran RB sweeps with Emmitt Smith in Madden '95 on the Super Nintendo. Threw some Aikman to Irvin bombs because I had ALL DAY behind that line. I also appreciated the edge they had IRL. It hasn’t been exactly great since then, but I’m not going anywhere. 

The Arena: Which sports did you participate in and who were your childhood sports idols in each sport?

MC Bravado: I played football as a youth, also basketball but continued to play basketball through most of high school. I quit because our coach was a clown, and because I was much better at rapping than any of my peers were at sports.
NBA Basketball: Jordan (GOAT out of any athlete period, keep your revisionist history and microwave media and don’t @ me because I WILL END YOU), Pippen (greatest sidekick ever, absurd versatility offensively and defensively)
Football: The Triplets (Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin aka The Big 88)...Plus Nate Newton because he’s gotten caught with like 400 pounds of weed.
Baseball: Jeter (Number 2, Derek Jeter, Number 2)
UNC Basketball: Vince Carter (it was like I had TWO JORDANS to watch when he was playing for The Heels), Antawn Jamison (I think a lot of people forget how GREAT he was in College), Brendan Haywood (thought he’d have a better pro career), Ed Cota (Carolina’s general at the time, if only he could shoot)
The Arena: If you could play professionally, which sport would it be?

MC Bravado: Basketball all day. I had the mind and the skillset without the body type or athleticism. 

The Arena: What team would you wanna own if you could afford it?

MC Bravado: I’d buy the Bulls because the Yankees are in good hands and taking the Cowboys from Jerry would be the equivalent of murdering a man. He loves that team more than he loves his kids. Bulls ownership seems content at being mediocre provided the profits are there and that shit isn’t cool. Let those other countries hold the silver medals; this is America and we’re supposed to be hellbent on pissing excellence. 

The Arena:  Did your family have any sports traditions when you were growing up?  What are they now?

MC Bravado: We didn’t really have any family sports traditions besides me killing my brother in innumerable games of one on one until he grew strong and wise enough to finally beat me once. After he beat me once, I never played him again. His only victory over me came after a long layoff, so we both know what’s up. 

The Arena: What's the best sport to spectate live, in your opinion?  What's the best atmosphere?

MC Bravado: I would say baseball because of the chill vibe. You’re outside; it’s usually warm out, plus the pace is slow enough that you can be social and hammered drunk without missing a whole lot. I’ve been thrown out of several stadiums.

The Arena:  What does each one of your favorite teams have to do to get back in champion shape, in your opinion?

MC Bravado: Bulls: Grow more mature and continue to develop 
                     Yankees: See Bulls except the Yankees are wayyyyy closer. 
                     Cowboys: Get our O-Line healthy and back to its former   glory; SIGN A FUCKING NUMBER ONE RECEIVER
                     UNC Basketball: is always in the running or a year away from being in the running. Perpetual contender just like me. 

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Until the next, Downrock Nation!

Simon Thompson.

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