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The Downrock Records is inspired in part by the DJ principle of breaking new music.  I don't mind showing a bit of nostalgia every now and then, but I principally wanna share good new music that rarely gets played and also music that hasn't been heard in a while but still has the positive effect of moving people and making people feel good.

What does the word "Downrock" mean?  I use it to term the main theme of the site being underground music.  And the music that saved my life, Hip Hop, is an element of the culture inspired by b-boys and the innovative dynamic; "down rocking", which inspired DJ Kool Herc to create break looping, the base sound structure of Hip Hop music, and the term Hip Hop itself.

The Mixtape Agency was originally created to be a DJ booking agency.  It's on hiatus until things go back to normal.

I hope that you get to hear new music every time you stop by and I hope it inspires you just like it inspired me.

Simon Mario Thompson


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